Benefits of Continental Shutters

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Suitable for Domestic applications, Continental Shutters are lightweight and have double skinned foam filled slat.

This type of Domestic Security Shutter provides effective heat and sound insulation along with shading and light control. Configurations include built on or built in versions.  Vented slats allow the shutter to provide shading or blackout.  Benefits are enhanced by a choice of effective operation methods. These include Spring loaded barrel with bottom rail lock, Swivel Belt and Rod Crank. Please note that the Spring loaded shutters are supplied with non-vented slats.

Electrically operated versions are also available with a surface mounted rocker switch as standard. Remote hand held transmitters are also available at additional cost. If you have more than one shutter then we offer a programmable transmitter and motor which will operate multiple shutters. 

Please see our Modes of Operation page or contact the office for further details and prices.

Slat Colours

White RAL9010, Brown RAL8014, Cream RAL1015 and Cedar Woodgrain. If you require a woodgrain curtain, then please be aware the the shutter box, guides and bottom rail will be supplied in RAL 8014 brown

Choose this type of Security Shutter if:

You are looking for a compact and attractive security solution
Spans widths of up to 3400mm wide.
You require shade and ventilation as well as security for your home
You require insulation and sound proofing

Continental Shutters Specification

Double Skinned Foam Filled Aluminium

Slat Dimensions
40mm x 9mm

Shutter Housing Sizes
137mm up to 205mm depending on shutter height and width

Guide Widths
Standard       53mm wide x 22mm deep

Take a look at our price list page “Price List”  and see details on how to measure and price your Continental Shutter


Please contact the office for  information and pricing on our range of Domestic Security Shutters:  01992 579022 or email